About us

Inspired by the American cuisine, Talal Zaiter opens his own restaurant in the heart of Boston in 2011. With a vision to revitalize the historic Temple Place, 49 Social's ambiance is a modern twist of old and chic with rustic red bricks, that gives a very cozy environment for whoever comes to this place.

The New American cuisine is a part of Talal's vision for a restaurant, a menu that could please any patron that would come in. From a simple Quesadilla and burger to a tender Fillet Mignon, 49 Social is always looking to be more approachable to anyone who comes.

All the guests who come to this place feel very comfortable, and the best part is the hospitality. Talal himself is very hospitable person, and wants that the restaurant should be a reflection of himself. A simple smile by the time the customer walks in to the host stand, servers recommending the best dishes of the house, good drinks, and making sure that everyone who comes is welcomed and have the best.